Enforce Access Controls

Extend your SSO to conveniently manage access to every database, server, environment & web app.

Monitor Permission Changes

strongDM’s logs tell you who has access to what & who approved permission changes to any database, server, or environment.

Monitor Sessions

strongDM logs tell you who issued each query, ssh & RDP command across any database type, cloud or on-prem.

One View of Everyone's Access

CC 6.2 Prior to issuing system credentials and granting system access, the entity registers and authorizes new internal and external users whose access is administered by the entity.

Log Every Permission

CC 6.3 The entity authorizes, modifies, or removes access to data, software, functions, and other protected information assets based on roles, responsibilities, or the system design and changes, giving consideration to the concepts of least privilege and segregation of duties.

Monitor Sessions

CC7.2 The entity monitors system components and the operation of those components for anomalies that are indicative of malicious acts.

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