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Access. Control.

Control access to any infrastructure at the ID-level.

Single sign-on for everything your technical staff needs: databases, servers, Kubernetes, cloud CLIs, intranets, and web apps.
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Users get 1-click access with no changes to workflow.
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Admins define role-based access across all infrastructure and data centers.
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Connect any person or service to anything in your infrastructure.

QA team
QA team
Aurora MySQL
SQL Server
Kubernetes Cluster
SSH bastion
AWS US-West-2
Lexington MA Data Center
GCP Sydney
Azure Norway East
Oracle Cloud
Digital Ocean

All the audit evidence you'll ever need.

Full auditability, full logging, across your entire stack, in a single command. Users, datasources, queries, permissions, activities, roles, temporary access, service accounts, servers, websites — you get it all.

Crush that audit.

And yes, you can
throw out the VPN.

And yes, you can
throw out the VPN.

Now do it for real. 😊

"When strongDM said deployment would take an hour, I assumed they were full of it and blocked out a full day. We finished in 45 minutes." - Peter Tormey, Manager DataOps, SoFi
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