Security First

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Once a connection is established, strongDM validates user identity at every hop using a device signature and pervasive certificate management.


strongDM upgrades all database encryption transport to the most current version of TLS ensuring that your data is secured while in transit.


Should any issue arise, strongDM protects you by failing closed to ensure a defensive posture at all times.

Upgrade Access Controls

Extend your SSO to manage database and server access. Why manage hundreds of credentials and keys when you can onboard and offboard staff through your SSO? Zero hassle. All the control.


Temporary Access

Instant access for on-call staff that auto-expires. Simpler to set up and includes an audit trail so you know exactly what happened.

Offboarding Done Right

No more checklists or spreadsheets. Revoke access through strongDM and every database and server session is severed. It’s like reaching inbox zero for authorized keys files.


Instant Answers For Auditors

An audit trail you can actually act on. strongDM’s logs are real time, human readable, and include every query from every database, every ssh and RDP session in every environment.

Automation DevOps Wants

Centrally manage access to every database and server with your existing SSO.

Answers InfoSec Needs

Instantly answer who did what, when & where on every database and server.

Convenience Staff Craves

The first security software staff actually enjoy using.

“The effort to achieve SOC 2 without strongDM would have been monumental.”


Michael DaSilva

Manager Information Security, Yext

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