SOC 2 Essentials: Planning For Your First Audit

We got sick of reading vendor articles with vague advice. So we wrote our own practical guide to start SOC 2.

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Everything I Wish I'd Known Before Starting SOC 2

  • How much does SOC 2 cost?
  • Who should participate in SOC 2 planning?
  • What is a realistic timeline to schedule SOC 2?

Step 1: Download Free SOC 2 Policy Templates

Stop writing policies from scratch. Compliance experts from strongDM, Splunk, Yext, and Braze share their own open source templates that are easy to edit in markdown and include best practices for organizational controls.

– Opensource and 100% free

– 30 policy templates

– Dashboard to create tickets and assign tasks via Jira integration

– Define delivery dates and project timeline


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Step 2: Swap Notes With Peers

Join a community of fellow startups pursuing SOC 2. Ask peers or take part in exclusive Q&As with compliance experts every week.

– Need advice on a policy?

– Looking for feedback on an auditor?

– Sanity check on vendor pricing?

STEP 3: Enroll in our SOC 2 Tutorial

We took notes during our own SOC 2 to help you avoid common mistakes and adopt best practices from the beginning. We turned those notes into a 2 hour course that includes:

– Downloadable SOC2 project plan?

64 Lessons

– 2 hours of content

- Downloadable SOC2 project plan

- 64 Lessons

- 2 hours of content