DevSecOps: The Core Curriculum Opening Remarks

August 25, 2019

DevSecOps: The Core Curriculum -- opening remarks My brother like 15 years ago asked me what song I would come up to if I were a pro wrestler. There are two. That was one of them. The second one is going to introduce our very first speaker. So Hey, everybody, what's up? I'm Liz. I am the co founder and

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How Hearst Eliminates DevOps Complexity — An Architecture Review

July 31, 2019

Hearst Eliminates DevOps Complexity with Automation Jim Mortko is responsible for leading all Internet-based engineering and digital production efforts, along with ecommerce and marketing initiatives that support Hearst Magazines’ diverse units including 20 U.S. magazines, Hearst Digital Media, the Hearst App Lab and Hearst Magazines UK. He is credited with spearheading the launch of five internal systems, along with supporting

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How Betterment Secures Server Access – Automate the Boring Stuff

July 30, 2019

Chris Becker, SRE, Betterment Chris Becker is an SRE at Betterment. Previously, he did similar work on Warby Parker's Infrastructure team. At Betterment, he earned the label APT (advanced persistent threat) thanks to consistently tripping alarms with his peculiar scripts and commands. In this talk, he discusses how Betterment's approach to server access controls evolved as the team grew exponentially.

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Why Fair Eliminated Static Credentials — A Retrospective

July 26, 2019

Fair Eliminates Static Credentials with strongDM Cat Cai is currently the Director of Platform Engineering at Fair. In this talk, alongside Jack Wink and Marshall Brekka, they discuss how Fair eliminated static credentials through automation and tooling decisions. Listen as they walk through how they make sure they enforce least privileged access, and rotate credentials without causing a huge headache

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How Splunk Built A Practical Approach to DevSecOps At Scale

July 19, 2019

What Splunk Does Joel Fulton is the Chief Information Security Officer for Splunk. At Splunk, they've put effort into transforming their organization from a waterfall approach to agile, to now a DevSecOps approach. In case you're not familiar, Splunk is a software development company focused on machine data aggregation. They collect your data on to your on-prem and they count

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