Peter Tormey

A Practical Approach to Just-in-Time Access for Developers

October 15, 2019

You're the DBA or maybe the Sysadmin at your company. Whatever your title, you’re the gatekeeper, and the key master for your company's database servers. You stay awake at night wondering if you’ve done everything you can to safeguard your database systems. But all those application developers need, errr want, access to production databases and servers. Whether it's relational databases

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How To Make Network Segmentation More Secure And Less Difficult For Everyone

July 16, 2019

Why Network Segmentation Is Hard Very few things frustrate me more than administrative roadblocks that slow me down or make it more difficult to do work. I want to get from staging to production with as little interference as possible. The question every engineering team faces is how to allow that without compromising security? That’s the challenge of network segmentation.

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Alternatives to Gravitational Teleport

July 10, 2019

Gravitational Teleport is a powerful tool allowing organizations to secure access to SSH servers and Kubernetes clusters via a centralized authentication method. However, if you need to secure access to databases, Windows servers or internal web applications in addition to Linux servers/Kubernetes, there are other options to consider. This blog post looks at a few alternatives and discusses the pros

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