Workstation Security Policy Best Practices | A Practical Guide to SOC 2 Compliance

Some might say that workstations are a necessary evil.  Users with varying degrees of technical and security aptitude are using them 24/7, communicating with the world and taking care of business.  With workstations being an indispensable part of business comes a substantial security burden, especially for your information technology staff.  In the workstation security policy, you will define rules intended to reduce the risk of data loss/exposure through workstations. Often, information security best practices are used synonymously with “Oh that’s just common sense.”  But remember that in security - and perhaps life in general - there’s no such thing as common sense.  Spell out these best practices clearly with as much detail as possible. Define “workstation” At a high level, a workstation is a device - be it personal or company-owned - that contains company data.  This includes desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices. Require centralized management As a general rule, to secure your

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