Remote Access Policy Best Practices | A Practical Guide to SOC 2 Compliance

Our world has changed.  Gone are the days of an 8 to 5 work day at a physical office, and leaving all your responsibilities behind at the end of the day.  We now live in a 24×7 global economy and are perpetually connected to our corporate networks with cell phones, laptops, and tablets.  The convenience of “work from anywhere” introduces some exciting challenges for your information security and information technology teams, and that’s where the remote access policy comes in.  The purpose of this policy is to make your employees productive from anywhere without sacrificing security. Here are steps your team can take to work remotely while still maintaining security: Define who can work remotely Before you start mandating security controls for remote access privileges to your internal network, you need to take a step back and determine which roles should even have permission to work remotely, and when.  For

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