Convenient SOC 2 compliance for scaling startups

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15 minutes

of training

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Time On/Offboard Staff

Why strongDM

Makespace has experienced the sort of hyper-growth that every startup dreams of. After growing revenue by 150% in the past year, Makespace raised $30M in new funding. To support that growth, the engineering and analytics teams doubled in size.

The engineering team grew frustrated by how much effort it took to onboard new hires and manage ad hoc requests for database access. Instead of maintaining a dozen one-off scripts, they wanted a solution that offered the convenience of an SSO.

Convenient Controls

strongDM made it possible to enforce the principle of least privilege without bogging down Makespace’s engineering team with administrative work.

strongDM replaced a dozen Chef recipes with a single command to onboard new engineers. Offboarding is equally painless.

The challenge of managing database permissions only gets exponentially worse as the team scales. As we’ve scaled, we get more and more value out of strongDM because it doesn’t get more complicated.

Ted Conbeer

SVP of Strategy, MakeSpace

Total Transparency

strongDM’s audit functionality provides peace of mind that every permission change and employee query is automatically logged and instantly accessible.

If an incident ever occurred or an auditor asked, Makespace has all the evidence necessary to begin an investigation without delay.


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