Faster SOC2 Compliance

Sure, in theory you could answer auditor’s questions like “who had access to customer db on January 3rd and what queries were executed” but how long would it take to track down? strongDM saves time by centralizing both the evidence collection and access controls. That way you know exactly who has access to what and what they did.


Easy Access For On-Call Staff

Eliminate the friction for on call-staff to request and receive access to critical infrastructure for support purposes. Instead of filing a ticket and waiting around, use strongDM’s temporary access to get to work without delay. Our Hubot chatbot integration even supports automated, auditable approval through Slack.

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Extend SSO to Databases & Servers

We all aspire to least privilege, but life gets in the way. Team’s grow; fires need to be fought; and sometimes we forget to revoke that access. strongDM delivers a convenient way to make sure staff receive access to only the data they need to do their job.

SSO authentication using strongDM

Faster Incident Response

Use strongDM to instantly answer who wrote that query or executed an ssh command. strongDM’s audit logs provide comprehensive, forensic monitoring across every database, server and environment. They also happen to be human-readable and easy to access so you’re not stuck spinning cycles trying to aggregate logs.

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