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We are

Founded in 2015, we help organizations manage and audit access to their databases, servers, clusters, and web applications.

Once a customer, forever a fan. There’s a reason why StrongDM has a 98% customer retention rate year-over-year. Yes, our product works. Yes, it makes life easier and more operationally effective for technical experts. Yes, it is secure-by-design. How do we do it? Our values keep us true to our mission.

We embrace the mission

We are determined and creative in solving a wicked problem. Everyone embraces this complex, often daunting, never-ending duty. We design audacious solutions with integrity and honesty. Our clients' security depends on us.

We pursue mastery

We are driven by optimism and the belief that we are never done learning. We are all teachers and learners. Everyone practices curiosity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

We are people first

We treat our colleagues and customers as human beings, not resources. Everyone feels welcomed and respected. We remove speed bumps so everyone can do their best work. People-first is about creating a humane environment – there's no playbook for that.

We are smarter together

We debate ideas openly, candidly, and respectfully. Diverse perspectives guide us through difficult, decisive conversations. We don't shy away from difficult conversations.

Funded by the best in the business.

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Trusted by the Fortune 100, the 3-person startup, and everyone in between.

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