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Database Access Management for the Cloud

Securing access to databases is difficult. StrongDM supports 40+ protocols natively, centralizing all database access into one platform. 

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Nina d’Abadie, Director of DevOps, Benevity

StrongDM's DAM Platform

The digital transformation of modern infrastructures has transformed how database access is managed. With the perimeter extended beyond traditional data centers and into the cloud, tracking and controlling access to databases has become an increasingly complex challenge. StrongDM’s Database Access Management (DAM) platform ensures that your organization retains secure control over database access, empowering the adoption of modern technologies that fuel innovation and revenue growth.

Manage Database Access at Scale

Enterprise companies maintain critical data across thousands of resources. Reviewing and attesting permissions for all these databases is time consuming and challenging to keep it secure.

StrongDM secures access through RBAC, ABAC, and PBAC to ensure the right people have the right level of access when it’s needed.

Keep it simple and easy for end users to access all their resources all from the same StrongDM desktop app. Learn more.



Progress, Not Pause

A comprehensive overview of all available data sources, coupled with the ability to swiftly and effortlessly grant access to each, significantly accelerates project timelines.

Eliminate time wasted in waiting for access, and the expenditure of valuable engineering hours on access provisioning. Instead, give time back to work on strategic initiatives. Learn more.

Automate Database Access with Confidence

Automating access management eliminates human error and mitigates risk with defined access rules. 

Implement Just-In-Time access for your most sensitive resources with automated or human approvals. Get your organization to Zero Standing Privileges with an access management solution that protects all your databases. Learn more.

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G2 Fall 2023 PAM Leader
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