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Privileged Access Management for the Cloud

Modern PAM solutions are built to support a variety of cloud networks including public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.
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The widespread adoption of cloud services has moved privileged accounts and credentials from the cozy confines of the data center into the wild labyrinths of the modern tech stack—making it much harder to track and manage access. Cloud privilege access management protects your organization with secure access to cloud applications and infrastructure so you can confidently adopt new technologies that save money and drive revenue to the business.

PAM made for the cloud

With increased cloud adoption, privileged resources that employees need access to often stretch across multiple teams.

Traditional privileged access management solutions were built for on-prem environments and cannot be lifted and shifted to the cloud.

Solutions like StrongDM natively support all the major cloud environments–plus your legacy databases.

Cloud PAM

Innovate, don’t stagnate

Secure doesn’t have to mean sluggish. StrongDM lets you adopt the cloud technologies that will help you scale and innovate—with confidence that your access is secure.

And unified access to all cloud environments means you can safely add new tools to your stack without introducing complexity.

Build the product you want with Security’s green light.

Cloud-Native Access Management

Native protocols to cloud resources allow StrongDM to track every activity and query with granular detail you need for forensic incident investigations.

Take on cloud migration, or add Kubernetes to your infrastructure without adding security risk.

Keep it simple and easy for end users to access all their resources all from the same StrongDM desktop app.

Cloud-Native Access Management
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Dream More. Deliver More.

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G2 Fall 2022 Highest User Adoption of a Privileged Access Management solution
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