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Privileged Session Management

Access to the resources you need is table stakes, not privilege.
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Privileged sessions need to be established, managed, recorded, and replayed to maintain the highest level of security for your most critical infrastructure. Companies must move quickly to innovate and meet the demands of their customers and market. This need for speed can result in overprovisioned access, a proliferation of credentials, and the resultant risk to security. With a privileged session management solution like StrongDM, privileged account and session management for technical staff can be fast, secure, dynamic, and auditable, so you can innovate without risky tradeoffs.

Eliminate cumbersome security processes

Simplify governance with centralized access management that is based on identity.

StrongDM has a comprehensive role-based access control system that allows fine-grained control of privilege to resources based on your security policies.

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Usually, usability and security are at odds with each other, StrongDM is the one tool that increases security and is actually easier to use.”

Tim Milliron, CTO, Podium

Tim Milliron

CTO, Podium

Just-in-time permissions

Make your Zero Trust access goal a reality with just-right permissions, every time.

Grant privileged access on-demand without requiring shared credentials. Access is time-bound, adheres to the principle of least privilege and works with everything in your modern and dynamic stack.

Elevate and Delegate

Implement secure control with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) by empowering your administrators to grant access to resources with built-in limitations.

Grant access to a customer support engineer while on call and revoke permission when their shift is over.

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When StrongDM said deployment would take an hour, I assumed they were full of it and blocked out a full day. We finished in 45 minutes.

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Peter Tormey, DataOps Engineering Manager at SoFi

Peter Tormey

DataOps Engineering Manager at SoFi
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G2 Privileged Access Management that Users are Most Likely to Recommend award
G2 Winter 2023 IAM Easiest to do Business With award
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G2 Fall 2022 Highest User Adoption of a Privileged Access Management solution
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