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Customer Stories

Hear why teams choose StrongDM, in their own words.

Hearst uses StrongDM

Now we've adopted StrongDM — it's something you don't even know is there. Once it's installed, it just works. It's very simple.

Jim Mortko, VP of Engineering at Hearst
Jim Mortko
VP Engineering
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Braze uses StrongDM

We deployed StrongDM, and within the first 3 days we actually had more than 160 databases that we had already added to the StrongDM console. It's really simplified our workflow.

Jonathan Hyman, Co-Founder and CTO at Braze
Jonathan Hyman
Co-Founder and CTO
Learn how Braze achieved SOC 2 compliance with help from StrongDM »
YEXT uses StrongDM

The effort to achieve SOC 2 compliance without StrongDM would have been a monumental effort, not only in terms of resources, but in terms of cost.

Michael DaSilva, Manager of Information Security at Yext
Michael DaSilva
Manager, Information Security
Yext significantly reduced the amount of time to complete its first SOC2 audit with StrongDM »
Better.com uses StrongDM

For zero trust StrongDM is an amazing tool. BYOD, within the company, outside, wherever you need to go, you can access data in a secure way.

Ali Khan, CISO at Better.com
Ali Khan
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Mantl logo

Liz, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. We made a bet to invest in StrongDM and it has immediately paid dividends. MANTL is fully remote and StrongDM enabled us to do this seamlessly. MANTL h StrongDM

James Qualls, Director of Engineering at Mantl
James Qualls
Director of Engineering
Fair.com logo

Before StrongDM, it was impossible to revoke access without rotating production credentials and keys. StrongDM makes offboarding easy.

Cat Cai, Director of Platform Engineering at Fair.com
Cat Cai
Director of Platform Engineering
Watch how StrongDM helps Fair make onboarding and offboarding easy »
Troops logo

StrongDM: we were able to roll this out to the entire company literally within an hour.


Greg Ratner, Co-Founder and CTO at Troops
Greg Ratner
Co-Founder and CTO
See how Troops relies on strongDM to manage just-in-time access »
Makespace uses StrongDM

The team at StrongDM has been exceptional. We haven't had many support requests at all because the product just works the way that it's supposed to.

Ted Conbeer, SVP of Strategy at MakeSpace
Ted Conbeer
SVP of Strategy
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Makespace uses StrongDM

We chose StrongDM because the solution is the one solution to rule them all. You simply integrate all your data sources into StrongDM; you integrate all your servers into StrongDM; you integrate all your Kubernetes clusters into StrongDM. You give your developers one simple tool they need to connect using SSO, and they have access to what they own.

Ted Conbeer, SVP of Strategy at MakeSpace
Jean-Philippe Lachance
Team Lead - R&D Security Defence
StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
Connect your first server or database, without any agents, in 5 minutes.