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Policy Enforcement

Achieve granular control with centralized, flexible policy controls that are consistent across your entire infrastructure.
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Effective policy enforcement and management are crucial for organizations to achieve security, compliance, and operational efficiency. Many organizations struggle with cumbersome processes that result from an explosion of roles and reliance on duplicative, disjointed solutions. The StrongDM Policy Engine provides a simple, adaptable, and cohesive approach to policy enforcement and management, and organizations can ensure that their policies are consistently applied across all systems.

Centralized Management, Distributed Enforcement

Ideally, organizations want to create policies once and apply them universally. StrongDM’s Policy Engine enables security teams to consistently implement security across all applications and infrastructure. 

A centralized approach simplifies administration and streamlines access control, leveraging the strengths of existing resources and adding additional security layers. 

Additionally, context-based policies continuously monitor behavior and stop unsanctioned actions in real-time.

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Fine-Grained Controls 

Enable organizations to define and enforce precise permissions, ensuring that users have access only to the resources and actions necessary for their roles. This granularity minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and limits the potential damage that can be caused by compromised accounts. 

When implementing fine-grain controls, enterprises can protect sensitive information, control actions, and maintain continuous compliance.

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Zero Trust Compliance

Policy-based action control is crucial for achieving real-time, verifiable compliance. It ensures that security policies are consistently enforced, and provides immediate responses to potential threats. With continuous compliance organizations can ensure their assets are always protected and take control of access. 

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