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Ensure all your identity and privileged access tools operate together

Take complete corporate control of access across your entire infrastructure and abolish your blind spots. StrongDM centralizes PAM into one solution with rich integrations to identity providers, multiple vaults, and your preferred SIEM. 

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Morgan, IAM

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Is your privileged access management solution difficult to deploy, manage, and adopt?

Take control with StrongDM and effotlessly deploy it across your entire infrastructure, regardless of the environment. Efficiently manage access with no additional overhead and empower your users to leverage their current workflows. 


Faster to gather evidence for audits


Reduction in number of engineers with admin rights


Reduced time to identify and respond to incidents


Shared credentials with credential-less access for your end users

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One PAM, all of your infrastructure

Easily connect users to every part of your infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud–with a solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain.

Enforce security that doesn’t add complexity, ensuring that every technical employee adopts the security policies put in place. With complete control of privileged access, adhering to internal and external regulatory compliance has never been easier.

Get started by standardizing roles and access

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Break free from vendor shackles

With StrongDM you don’t need to be tied to a particular vendor. We have integrations across your identity and access management tech stack, so that your team can use the solutions they prefer.

Select the identity provider of choice. Store secrets in any or multiple vaults. Export logs to your preferred SIEM. With StrongDM’s integration-first approach, privileged access is managed all from a single platform.

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Adopt Zero Standing Privileges

StrongDM enables security where legacy PAM solutions fall short. Enable just-in-time access for all resources and eliminate the need for standing access, forever.

Users only have access to what they need when they need it, no credentials required. Simply log into StrongDM and connect. 

Learn how Cherre adopted Zero Standing Privileges with StrongDM

Ali Khan
“The biggest impact of rolling out StrongDM has been that it's been a boon for compliance and regulatory adherence, as well as freeing the data in a way as it's much easier to access now.”
Ali Khan
CISO, Better.com
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