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Just-in-Time access for AWS, Azure, GCP, and more

Temporarily approve elevated privileges for sensitive operations using the tools you already love–it just makes sense.
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When it comes to provisioning access to resources, you often only need to grant permissions for a short amount of time. Just-in-Time access control delivers on-demand privileged access for only as long as a person needs it–without the need for shared accounts or standing privileges. StrongDM uses automation to provide on-demand access to resources, so admins can re-direct their attention to strategic initiatives without compromising security.

Just-in-time Access Solution

On-demand access that automatically expires

No need to remember to revoke access or offboard contractors at the end of a project.

Increase productivity for admins and reduce friction for employees, contractors, and vendors.

Protect your revenue and reputation

Manual processes for granting and revoking access are prone to human error, leading to increased risk and exposed security gaps.

Just-in-Time access reduces your attack surface by establishing privileged sessions automatically using protocols such as SSH, RDP, or HTTPS–without revealing credentials to the user.

Get time back to work on high-value projects

No need to spend time revoking access–it’s done automatically. A Just-in-Time access solution reduces cognitive load and frees up admins to work on strategic initiatives.

Conveniently request and receive access using the tools you already love, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty.

Achieve zero standing privileges without introducing roadblocks.

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Even if we had more developers, if we did not have StrongDM, we would need to just say no to new projects. That would greatly impact our ability to grow.”

Jean-Philippe Lachance, Team Lead, R&D Security Defence at Coveo

Jean-Philippe Lachance

Team Lead, R&D Security Defence, Coveo

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