Trusted By The Best In The Business

No marketing spin. Just quotes.


Joel Fulton, CISO Splunk

“strongDM gives you what you can’t get any other way- the ability to see what happens, replay and analyze incidents, discriminate customer access from user access. That is not available anywhere else.”

Ali Khan, CISO Better

“For zero trust strongDM is an amazing tool. BYOD, within the company, outside, wherever you need to go, you can access data in a secure way. I would urge all other CISOs to adopt strongDM as their database proxy platform. It’s been amazing for all our users.”


Dave Anderson, Director InfoSec Greenhouse

With strongDM we get full auditability into everything a person does- when they connect, what commands they type, what data they retrieve, we’re able to see everything.”

Introducing the Future Of Access

The Automation DevOps Expects; Control InfoSec Needs and Convenience Staff Wants.

Deliver The Zero-Trust Dream

Modern infrastructure is complex: multi-cloud, ephemeral with the right database for the job. Access is simple with strongDM. Centrally manage access to any database, server, Kubernetes cluster or internal web app.

Eliminate Administrative Busywork

strongDM turns access into code so you can grant or revoke access to any database or server in one command.

Upgrade Audit Logs

Instantly answer auditors questions or investigate incidents with comprehensive logs of every permission change, query, SSH, RDP & kubectl command.

We Support Your Stack

We didn’t include the entire list because it would be too long. Seriously. Every database protocol, every server OS, every cloud, even on-prem.