What strongDM Can Do For You


Easier Access

Use your SSO to manage access to every database, server, & environment.

Upgrade Audit Logs

strongDM’s logs tell you who issued each query, ssh & RDP command.

Faster SOC 2 Compliance

Instantly answer any access control question for any system. Seriously.


Simple, Secure Access

Sick of juggling so many ssh keys, database credentials, VPN passwords? Use your SSO to centrally manage access to any database, server & environment. Grant or revoke access to anything in one command.

Not All Logs Are Equal

It’s not enough to know a session happened. If you can’t tell what someone did, there’s no way to tell how much damage was done.  strongDM delivers audit logs detailed enough to act on: who issued each query, ssh & RDP command.


Faster SOC 2 Compliance

strongDM saves time by centralizing both the evidence collection and access controls. That way you know exactly who has access to what and what they did.

Integrate with Everything

We didn’t include the entire list because it would be too long. Seriously. Every database protocol, every server OS, every cloud, even on-prem.


Hear From Our Customers

Easily enforce security controls and speed up SOC 2 audits.



Braze strengthened security controls and achieved SOC 2 compliance with help from strongDM



Hearst added a layer of security and simplicity to onboard and offboard their DevOps team with strongDM



Yext reduced the time to provision user access from days to minutes with strongDM

Ready to secure your Infrastructure?

It's easy to get started. Turn what takes hours into minutes with strongDM.