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Secure access controls that support developer innovation.

All technical users use a single control plane for frictionless privileged access across a company's entire stack, no matter how diverse. DevOps teams can finally implement infrastructure as code. 

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Dexter, Developer

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Do more with easy, flexible, and ephemeral access

60 hrs

Saved per year onboarding and offboarding engineers to critical infrastructure. 


Reduction in number of engineers with admin rights


Reduced time to identify and respond to incidents


Shared credentials with credential-less access for developers.

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Implement Infrastructure as Code

We speak your language. StrongDM empowers developers with the tools they need to securely access, monitor, and control systems, all within their familiar workflows. 

No more friction or unnecessary bottlenecks. Reduce manual processes and automate the set up and take down of your ephemeral infrastructure.


Learn how to use Terraform your DevOps workflow

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Get immediate access to exactly what you need

Give developers access when they need it through just-in-time, temporary, role-based (RBAC), attribute-based (ABAC), or direct access. Revoke access just as simply and easily, within seconds. 

See how StrongDM makes just-in-time access easy

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Keep Production Environments Safe

StrongDM eliminates standing access to any environment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are shielded from unauthorized access.

Embrace security without sacrificing productivity.  

Learn how access effects productivity

"We chose StrongDM because the solution is the one solution to rule them all. You simply integrate all your data sources into StrongDM; you integrate all your servers into StrongDM; you integrate all your Kubernetes clusters into StrongDM. You give your developers one simple tool they need to connect using SSO, and they have access to what they own."
Jean-Philippe Lachance
Team Lead- R&D Security Defence
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Dream More. Develop More.

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