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Simplify Compliance Certification

Achieve the highest compliance standards with centralized access controls that help you mitigate risk and guard against reputational and financial loss.
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Compliance certification impacts the whole organization. Security and Compliance teams seek ready answers for timely responses to audits. And DevOps gets stuck with the tedious administrative work of collecting and reviewing So. Many. Logs.

Get the answers you are looking for

To maintain security and compliance frameworks, organizations must constantly prove to auditors that their controls are working.

StrongDM helps you implement and maintain security access controls for SOC 2, NIST, ISO 27001 and more.

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Audit your entire tech stack

Since evidence collection is automated, you’re able to respond to audits much more quickly than relying on manual collection.

StrongDM supports your entire stack so that there are no exceptions. Every activity, query and command is captured across your entire infrastructure–so when auditors ask for evidence, you have the answers.

Completing access audits is now stress-free and efficient.

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Having the ability to have line-by-line, high-fidelity, query-by-query access to core databases, saved in an immutable infrastructure is a security and compliance person's Holy Grail, and we got that with StrongDM.”

Vivek Desai, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Olive

Vivek Desai

Senior Vice President of Engineering, Olive

Unlock revenue

Meeting access requirements and demonstrating strong controls is a breeze.

Enable your sales team to showcase your company’s high-security standards and close more deals with compliance certifications that put your customers at ease.

Adopt the tech stack you need to move the needle forward. StrongDM helps you adopt emerging technologies faster and enforce access controls consistently across your entire infrastructure.

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Dream More. Deliver More.

G2 Privileged Access Management leader award
G2 Best Support for Privileged Access Management award
G2 IAM Best ROI award
G2 Fastest Implementation of IAM award
G2 Privileged Access Management that Users are Most Likely to Recommend award
G2 Winter 2023 IAM Easiest to do Business With award
G2 Fall 2022 IAM Easiest to do Business With award
G2 Fall 2022 Easiest Admin Privileged Access Management solution
G2 Fall 2022 Best Support for Privileged Access Management tool
G2 Fall 2022 Highest User Adoption of a Privileged Access Management solution
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