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StrongDM Recruitment Team Offers Free Consults to Help Tech Community

With the current economic uncertainty and challenging job market, StrongDM is looking for ways we can offer a helping hand to our community. Our core company value is being People First, and with a string of layoffs hitting the technology industry, we want to support those in tech or looking to break into tech as they search for their next adventure.

Whether you were recently impacted by a layoff or have been on the job market for a while, we’re here for you. The StrongDM Recruitment team is stepping up to help with free consultations with our recruiters. By signing up for a session, you will be eligible to receive 30 minutes with one of our recruiters via Zoom to guide you through topics like interview preparation, resume review, career coaching and salary negotiation tactics. Recruiters will also share tips for how to approach your job search.

“It can be difficult to navigate the tech industry in an uncertain economy,” said Justin Holsomback, a Senior Technical Recruiter at StrongDM. “I’m always happy to help someone figure out what they should do next, whether they’re new to the workforce or well-established in their career.”

There’s no catch and no hidden agenda – those of us on the People team at StrongDM have built our careers on trying to do the right thing. This initiative was a bottoms up idea that came from our recruiters who felt they should be doing more to help candidates navigate an often confusing and stressful process during an incredibly challenging and unprecedented time. If this opportunity sounds helpful, you can find more information and sign up here for your free consultation. We will do our best to accommodate as many job seekers as we can, but spots are limited given recruiter bandwidth.

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