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4 Things to Expect When Interviewing at StrongDM

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Oh job interviews. The nail biting, the sleepless nights, the extensive research... It doesn’t matter if you have 15 years of experience or if you are new to the job market: job interviews are stressful. 

While some interview jitters are normal, we believe the interview process should be more exciting than nerve-racking. At StrongDM, we try to make interviewing a little less hair-pulling by focusing on genuine human connection. Because finding your dream role at the right company shouldn’t feel scary.  

1. StrongDM Eases Interview Anxiety

All of our interviewers have undergone extensive interview training. Yes, this means both hiring managers and recruiters alike. We require everyone to complete interview training before talking to a single candidate.

Our training materials cover topics like, how to ask “good” questions and how to assess if an answer is “good”, how to provide a great candidate experience, and how to make sure our interviews are aligned with our DEI Initiatives.

We don’t ask pointless questions like, “Why should we hire you?” or “Tell me what you did today” because we value your time. We put thought into the process to make sure we aren't asking you the same things over and over and take steps to ensure that we assess everyone on a level playing field.

2. AMA: We Encourage Candidates to Ask Tough Questions

Interviews are a two-way street. That means you get to interview us too! We reserve time at the end of every interview to let you ask whatever is on your mind. To be a successful match, this role has to be a great fit for YOU.

We want YOU to be excited about working for StrongDM–just as excited as we are about having you join our team. Make sure you come prepared to evaluate what’s important to you as well.

3. Culture Fit Is Really, Really Important

StrongDM is not your family. You have one of those! But we do want to make sure that you are a good fit for our culture and we are a good fit for yours. Work takes up a significant portion of your time and attention each week. In fact, research indicates that our jobs have a huge impact on our mental and physical well being too.

We want our people to show up happy and healthy, so we discuss workplace culture quite a bit throughout the interview process. Startups aren’t for everyone, so ask us questions and in return, we will conduct a culture interview to make sure our values align.

4. We’re Here to Help–Every Step of the Way

Our recruiting team has many years of experience and can help coach you through the process. The process doesn’t look the same for every position or department, but your recruiter can provide more details in your initial call. Sometimes we have technical exercises, behavioral interviews, and an occasional panel interview depending on the nature of the role.

While some interview processes are longer than others for certain roles, we are very cognizant of the time you spend with us and don’t want your interview to feel like a full time job. From the recruiter interview to the offer stage, the whole interview process typically takes 2-4 hours depending on the level of the position.

At each stage in the process, your recruiter will be there to give you insight into what every interview will look like, provide feedback on how things are going, and build a relationship with you even before you (hopefully!) join our team. So consider this your invitation to lean on your recruiter—because we want you to succeed! Plus, even after you join, we love to check in and and build friendships with you as our peers.

If you want to learn about our values, benefits, and open positions, make sure to visit out careers page.

About the Author

, Senior Recruiter, Kate is a senior recruiter with over 9 years of people-first recruiting experience. A self-described people-person, Kate enjoys uncovering the talents and passions unique to each person she meets and loves connecting them with the right outlet to use their gifts. Throughout her career she has recruited for several industries including; Security, Saas, Aerospace, IT, Semiconductor, Engineering, Trucking, Retail, Manufacturing and a little in between. Regardless of the industry, Kate demonstrates an unwavering commitment to support the people behind the roles. Kate studied Zoology/Animal Biology at North Dakota State University and Human Resource Management at Minnesota State Community and Technical College. To contact Kate, visit her on LinkedIn.

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