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Besides Thanksgiving, Americans will eat more food this Sunday for the Super Bowl than any other day of the year. Truthfully, half the fun of American Football’s biggest day is the incredible game day foods with the best of company. Watching the game on an empty stomach is like giving all your employees the shared password to production; no good for anyone!

Our StrongDM team has their game day faces on and are ready to share some of their top food draft picks! 

Check out these mouth watering recipes: 

Sam Dabek, Program Manager, Launch Process Optimization

Mini Bell Pepper Loaded Turkey Nachos

These are nacho average snack! A healthier alternative for game day that even my husband loves.”

Aditya Goyal, Data Whisperer

Momofuku Fried Chicken

We all love finger food and what’s better than chicken wings? Nothing. This recipe helps get that awesome flavor while also being quick and easy to make in large batches!

Fazila Malik, Product Marketing

Popeyes-Style Chicken Sandwich

“ I swap the brioche buns for Hawaiian rolls and make sliders. Hawaiian rolls make everything better."

Dominic Garcia, Sr Marketing Director

Easy Sous Vide Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe

Here's what I'll be cookin'. You just need a Sous Vide - sous easy and sous delicious.”

Cincinnati Chili

“While I’m actually a 49ers fan, I’m also a chili fan. And since Cincinatti chili is a thing (and doesn’t have beans), I only have one thing to say. Is it chilly today? Yes. That means chili today, hot tamale!

Michaline Todd, Chief of Marketing 

Pulled Pork Sliders

“Back when I was a caterer (yes, I did that for a year or so) ….pork sliders were always super popular. Something like this.”

Brad Schaider, Do-er of all things IT

Dove Jalapeño Poppers

“I recommend skipping the marinade and season with your favorite seasonings for this recipe.”

Smoked Ribeyes

“Similar to the reverse sear method, but instead of the oven you smoke’em, like so.” 

Want a chance to swap additional delicious recipes with great people like these? We’re hiring! Check out our latest job openings here.

About the Author

, Marketing Operations Analyst, is a marketing specialist with eight-plus years of experience in a variety of industries from sports and entertainment to technology. In addition to choreographing the operations and organization of the marketing team, Meghan teaches dance classes outside the weekly 9 to 5. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Medaille College. To contact Meghan, visit her on LinkedIn.

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