We built strongDM to make work easier.  In the past, Security teams’ requirements create more work for Infrastructure teams and make it harder for end users to do their job. DevOps wants to automate themselves out of administrative work. The end result leaves everyone frustrated. We make all three smile. We deliver the automation DevOps wants, controls Security needs, and accessibility for end users.

Our Values


We are transparent in everything we do, from the audit trail our product provides to publishing our pricing. We’ll be the first to admit that all software, including our own, has bugs.


We’re sick of sales jargon too. You won’t find words like “synergy” on our site or coming out of our mouths. We only hire practitioners and are not afraid to tell you when we can’t solve your problems.


We admit when we’re wrong. Everyone’s in customer support and nobody’s afraid to get their hands dirty.


We actually like coming to work. No jerks here. ‘Nuff said.

Our Leadership


Elizabeth Zalman

Co-Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Zalman is co-founder and CEO of strongDM, the definitive data security product. Previously she was co-Founder and CEO of the cross-device profile company Media Armor. After its acquisition, she served as VP of Analytics at the acquirer, Nomi. Prior to Media Armor, she led the client analytics and media optimization team at Dotomi (now Conversant), generating an annual $500M in incremental revenue for 50 of the IR Top 100. With over 15 years’ experience leading data-driven organizations, she is an expert in analytics, data privacy, and security.


Justin McCarthy

Co-Founder & CTO

Justin McCarthy is the co-founder and CTO of strongDM, the database authentication platform. He has spent his entire career building highly scalable software. As CTO of Rafter, he processed transactions worth over $1B collectively. He also led the engineering teams at Preact, the predictive churn analytics platform, and Cafe Press.


Schuyler Brown

Co-Founder & CMO

Schuyler is co-founder and CMO of strongDM. Previously, he oversaw both Corporate and Product Marketing for Nomi. In his spare time, Schuyler is the host of Founders@Fail and author of Inc.com’s “Failing Forward” column, where he interviews veteran entrepreneurs about the bumps, bruises, and reality of life in the startup trenches. His own experience with startups began as one of the first employees at Cross Commerce Media. Since then, he has worked at the venture capital firms DFJ Gotham and High Peaks Venture Partners. He holds a B.A. and M.B.A. from Columbia University.

Our Investors