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Annual Savings
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Why StrongDM?

Yext powers location data for some of the most recognizable brands. After a dozen years of hard work, the company went public in 2017 with revenue of over one hundred and twenty million dollars.

Achieving SOC 2 compliance represented a key step in the IPO process. Facing tight deadlines and hundreds of mission-critical databases, Yext’s infrastructure security team could not afford any delays.

Audit Readiness

With 250+ databases that included multiple database types and versions, Yext faced a difficult and potentially costly challenge to implement the comprehensive auditing necessary to pass SOC 2. Yext estimated it could cost over three million dollars without taking into account labor hours to pull off such a large project.

StrongDM enabled Yext to conveniently log every query and permission change without any infrastructure changes. In three weeks, StrongDM was rolled out to hundreds of staff. The ability to produce query and activity logs across Yext’s entire infrastructure provided key capabilities that ensured Yext would always be audit-ready.

Faster Offboarding

StrongDM offered more than an audit trail. StrongDM’s infrastructure access platform streamlined the work to onboard and offboard technical staff, reducing the time to provision access from 48 hours to 30 minutes. This helped transform how the infrastructure team was perceived by peers at Yext. By eliminating frustrating delays, Yext’s Infrastructure team was transformed into a business enabler that could empower teams to work more efficiently and securely.

Michael DaSilva, Infrastructure Security Manager, Yext

The effort to achieve SOC 2 without StrongDM would have been monumental from a cost & labor perspective.

Michael DaSilva
Infrastructure Security Manager, Yext

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