Your Infrastructure Access Platform.

Eliminates point solutions, covers all protocols,
and is a sheer delight for end users and admins alike.

strongDM is a proxy.
It combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability into a single platform.

Authenticate the way you already do.

  • Integrate with your identity provider to centrally manage authentication
  • Automate user and group provisioning with a single source of truth
  • Store credentials securely with strongDM or use your existing secrets manager
strongDM supports Auth0strongDM supports OktastrongDM supports Azure Active DirectorystrongDM supports OneLoginstrongDM supports LDAPstrongDM supports ADFSstrongDM supports DUOstrongDM supports G Suite SSOstrongDM supports OpenID ConnectstrongDM supports Open LDAPstrongDM supports Keycloak

Permissioning that actually speeds access up.

  • Instantly grant and revoke granular, least-privilege access based on roles (RBAC), attributes (ABAC), or just-in-time approvals for all resources
  • Onboard and offboard employees with just one click
  • Temporarily approve elevated privileges for sensitive operations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty

Connect any user to any resource, anywhere.

  • Connect each end user or service to the exact resources they need, regardless of location
  • Integrate automated access workflows into your current deployment pipeline
  • Replace VPNs and bastion hosts with a secure Zero Trust network
QA team
QA team
Aurora MySQL
SQL Server
Kubernetes Cluster
SSH bastion
AWS US-West-2
Lexington MA Data Center
GCP Sydney
Azure Norway East
Oracle Cloud
Digital Ocean

What good is access if you can't audit it?

  • Capture and record every single query and command in every session across your entire stack
  • Maintain a single unified query log across all DBMSs
  • Automatically stream logs into your SIEM
  • Automate evidence collection for SOC 2, SOX, ISO 27001, and HIPAA audits
We 💙  Every Stack

No matter what tools you’re using, strongDM natively supports them. 
And if we don't 😊, odds are we're building it!

How It Works

A local client, gateway intermediary, and configuration layer.
No agents, no custom integrations.


We’re SOC 2 Type 2-certified by a national audit firm and conduct 3rd-party pen testing regularly.

SSO Access Control
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