Transparent, easy, and scales linearly with hiring. Never any gotchas or Pro Services costs.




No long term commitment

Unlimited databases and servers

Convenient log export to any SIEM

Minimum 10 users

  • Log Permission Changes

  • Log Queries (All Database Types)

  • Log SSH Commands

  • Log RDP Commands

  • Log kubectl Commands

  • Local or Cloud Log Storage

  • Configurable Log Encryption

  • SSO Authentication

  • MFA Support

  • User Self-Registration

  • Enforce Idle Timeout

  • Enforce Session Timeout

  • Enforce Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

  • Email, Chat & Telephone, 24x7x365

Pricing FAQ

Do you offer annual pricing plans?

We sure do! Contact Us to discuss annual pricing.

Do you meter my use, or charge based on data?

No. Seriously, you can manage access to 100,000 databases and servers and it’s still the same price per user.

Are trials self-serve?

Yes. Click here to create an account. strongDM is free for 14 days so you can confirm strongDM supports your stack and team’s workflow.

How long are logs stored?

If you choose to store your logs with strongDM, we retain them for 13 months. You can export them at any time to retain them as long as you like.