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How to Provision Permissions

Greg Thomas-Baldwin
People-First Access platform
1 min read
Last updated on: November 1, 2022

Automation is a powerful way to relieve your engineering/SRE/DevOps practice from repetitive access management tasks and allow them to focus on the essential things.

Resources Management Via Automation

The following questions will guide you to the most relevant links to help you implement automation.

Do you use automation to spin up and down new databases, servers, and clusters today?

Language Reference GitHub Examples
Ruby RubyDoc StrongDM-sdk-ruby Ruby SDK examples
Python Pdoc StrongDM-sdk-python Python SDK examples
Java Javadoc StrongDM-sdk-java Java SDK examples
Go StrongDM-sdk-go Go SDK examples

AWS registration and cleanup

  • This guide explains how to register and deregister EC2 instances.

Containerized Environments and Kubernetes

Best practice on resource registration in StrongDM:

  • Create the resource in the server
  • Make sure the resource is up and accessible
  • Only then should you register it to StrongDM via your automation

Best practice on resource deregistration from StrongDM:

  • Remove the resource from StrongDM
  • Stop the resource and delete it from the server

Gateway & Relays Management Via Automation

  • CloudFormation - Here is our recommendation on creating Gateway pairs using CloudFormation.
  • Self-registered Relay using Chef - Here is how to leverage Chef to create a self-registered Relay.