Use Case: Just-in-time Access

Just-in-time access designed for developer workflows.

Temporarily approve elevated privileges for sensitive operations.
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When it comes to provisioning resources, often you only need to grant permissions for a set amount of time. You might have a team of contractors or interns that only need access for a few months, or someone else might need elevated privileges to do one specific task. Too often, admins forget to shut off access once the task or project has been completed, giving bad actors an opportunity to do bad things.

Set it and forget it.

Grant access that automatically expires. No need to remember to revoke access or offboard contractors at the end of a project.

That means less administrative work and more confidence that there aren’t zombie credentials that could be compromised.

Don’t gift the bad guys.

Enforce least privilege access to give the bad guys fewer opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities.

Ensure that there are no zombie accounts floating around.

Get time back to work on high-value projects.

No need to spend time revoking access - it’s done automatically. Free up your admins to work on strategic initiatives.

Conveniently request and receive access in the tools you already love like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty.

Even if we had more developers, if we did not have strongDM, we would need to just say no to new projects. That would greatly impact our ability to grow.”

Jean-Philippe Lachance

Team Lead - R&D Security Defence, Coveo

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