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Complete offboarding in seconds to save time and close security gaps.

Sleep easy knowing that former staff can’t access critical infrastructure.
Employee offboarding

When an employee leaves a company, it’s a complicated, manual grind to figure out all the credentials, keys, and certificates that person had.  Most of the time, you probably just revoke VPN access and suspend SSO.

But even with that, the keys and credentials are still valid, which scares security teams since those credentials could be used to delete files, misconfigure servers, alter data, steal intellectual property, or wreak some other havoc.

Simplify offboarding workflows.

Revoke access to every single database, server, or Kubernetes cluster with just a few clicks.

Integrate with your identity provider (IdP) to centrally manage offboarding.

Leverage automation to reduce “busy work.”

Reduce administrative overhead by replacing disparate actions, scripts, and stitched-together systems with a unified, automated tool.

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Before StrongDM, it was impossible to revoke access without rotating production credentials and keys. StrongDM makes offboarding easy.“

Cat Cai, Director of Platform Engineering at Fair.com
Cat Cai
Director of Platform Engineering, Fair

No more zombie credentials.

Employees authenticate using their SSO instead of credentials, keys, or certificates. That means fewer things to manage and less steps to offboard an employee.

Answers for auditors.

StrongDM delivers a single source of truth to prove when permissions changed across your entire stack.

If auditors ask when someone was offboarded, deliver evidence in seconds.

Detailed log for auditors

One platform. No BS.

StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
Connect your first server or database, without any agents, in 5 minutes.