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PAM Was Dead. StrongDM Just Brought it Back to Life. ✨  An important message from StrongDM's CEO!

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Kellen Anker in front of greenery
Kellen Anker
CloudOps Engineer
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Justin McCarthy
Justin McCarthy
CTO & Co-founder
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Hiring a technical resource can be hard enough, but getting that resource onboarded and productive is entirely a different matter. Getting your new hire the appropriate systems access alone can be a multi-step, multi-day process -- resulting in time wasted waiting for access instead of getting up to speed and being productive.

In this session, Justin McCarthy, CTO and co-founder of strongDM and Kellen Anker, CloudOps Engineer of Olive AI, will explain  how you can go from new hire to full access on day one with a single click.

Join Kellen and Justin as they discuss:

  • Why Infrastructure Access is so hard
  • How Olive AI got to automated onboarding
  • Hands On: Automating Onboarding

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Kellen Anker, CloudOps Engineer, Olive AI

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