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PAM Was Dead. StrongDM Just Brought it Back to Life. ✨  An important message from StrongDM's CEO!

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Justin McCarthy
CTO & Co-founder
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We’ve all been there - new people are hired, everyone needs access to something, and there’s no clear documentation or model that shows who really needs it. Before you know it, everyone has a unique profile, with unique access and credentials, and you can barely wrap your head around it.

It’s time to take back control.

Join Justin McCarthy, CTO, StrongDM, as he explains how you can manage access and take back control of systems (without slowing anything down), standardize roles, and ensure that you can maintain control going forward.

He'll discuss:

  • Why access management gets out of control for virtually every organization
  • How to drive an initiative that standardizes roles and access across your organization
  • How you can use a new, free tool that will help you drive this process forward

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