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Access Management for today's dynamic infrastructure

Protect the access of all technical users–not just the privileged. Keep all of your infrastructure connections secure to reduce the attack surface and increase productivity for both users and administrators.

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Confident Access

Individualized access for each user gives admins the confidence to say ‘yes’ by default.

Revoke access in real time when it is no longer needed.

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Precise Control

Easily track and manage every permission with automated just-in-time, temporary, role-based and attribute-based access.

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Total Visibility

Capture and record the precise details of every single session, query, and command and with immediate answers to auditors' questions. Gain insight into what your users are accessing and why with robust reporting.

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Secure by Design

Enhance your overall security posture by taking keys and credentials out of end-users hands (and devices). Eliminate gaps in your audit log by unifying all access management in a single platform.

With secure proxy technology, StrongDM establishes encrypted connections between users and target resources. By acting as an intermediary, it provides an additional layer of security isolating critical assets from direct external access and protecting sensitive data. Relays further secure access without the need of cumbersome firewall rules.

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Works with Everything

Seamlessly and securely integrate with modern (and legacy) databases, servers, protocols, and the tools your team needs -- both in the cloud and on-prem.

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Superior User Experience

Employees don’t circumvent security because access is on-time, every time.

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Exceptional Customer Support

Active and knowledgeable DevOps practitioners  are available every step of the way to ensure rapid deployment and frictionless adoption.

Capture and record all the precise details of every single session, query, and command across your entire stack

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