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See how easy it is to manage & audit access to every database & server.

Full Stack. Short Stack. All Stacks!

Every database, every server OS, every cloud, every data center.


You already treat infrastructure as code. Now do the same with access.


Cat Cai, Director of Platform Engineering, Fair

"Before strongDM, it was impossible to revoke access without rotating production credentials and keys. strongDM makes offboarding easy."

Ali Khan, CISO Better

“For zero trust strongDM is an amazing tool. BYOD, within the company, outside, wherever you need to go, you can access data in a secure way. I would urge CISOs to adopt strongDM.”


Dave Anderson, Director InfoSec Greenhouse

With strongDM we get full auditability into everything a person does- when they connect, what commands they type, what data they retrieve, we’re able to see everything.”

Connect your first database in 5 minutes.

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