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Connect any person or service to anything in your infrastructure.

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QA team
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strongDM is the Infrastructure Access Platform.

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It gives your technical staff frictionless and auditable access to
everything they need across your entire stack, in a single place.

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strongDM is the gold standard for access and auditing. Developers won’t tolerate tools that slow them down or force them to use substandard workflows. strongDM is the only security product that actually makes their lives easier.

drew blas

Drew Blas

Director, Internal Engineering, Betterment

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Protocol-aware logging captures every detail of every session.

Full auditability, full logging, across your entire stack, in a single command. Users, datasources, queries, permissions, activities, roles, temporary access, service accounts, servers, websites — you get it all.

Crush that audit.

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When strongDM said deployment would take an hour, I assumed they were full of it and blocked out a full day. We finished in 45 minutes.

peter tormey

Peter Tormey

Manager, DataOps, SoFi

And yes, you can
throw out the VPN.

And yes, you can
throw out the VPN.

Now do it for real. 😊

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