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How To Prepare For Your First SOC 2 Audit A 30-90-120 Day Plan

Privileged Access Management PDF eBook Download the eBook

Privileged Access Management PDF eBook Get the SOC 2 eBook PDF

How To Prepare for a SOC 2 Audit [30-90-120 Day Plan]

Despite thousands of articles, there’s shockingly little actionable advice to help startups complete SOC 2.

🎉 Have you heard? strongDM offers a free and completely self-paced online SOC 2 Course.

When you don’t have dedicated compliance teams or six figure budgets, we set out to answer:

  • When to pull the trigger on SOC 2.
  • Who needs to be involved in prep work & what tasks can/can not be delegated.
  • How to narrow the scope and save as much time as possible.
  • What are achievable best practices for each policy.
  • How to gather evidence for auditors.

One area that usually requires some remediation is access controls. Most teams don’t have answers when auditors ask “who has access to a specific database or server and what queries did they execute?” That’s why we started strongDM- to manage and monitor access to every database, server, & environment. Click here to see for yourself.

To learn more on how strongDM helps companies with SOC 2 compliance, make sure to check out our SOC 2 Compliance Use Case.

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