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Why StrongDM?

MediaOS acts as the central hub to manage, monitor, and distribute content for Hearst’s 21 magazines, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire.

MediaOS serves content to 150 million readers a month in a latency-sensitive environment. In under two minutes, the MediaOS platform must analyze content to reveal who is seeing what, identify social visitors, and compare that data to that of similar content.

To deliver that performance, the MediaOS engineering team cannot afford any tooling that impacts productivity negatively.

Less Work for DevOps

As a critical part of the Hearst infrastructure, MediaOS is constantly hiring engineers. Because there are so many services, databases, and developers, the onboarding and offboarding process was labor-intensive before StrongDM.

Since deploying StrongDM, the process has become much simpler. The DevOps team invites a new hire to the StrongDM infrastructure access platform and assigns a role. The hire inherits all appropriate database permissions. No need to maintain multiple scripts or checklists. That means more efficiency and an easy-to-access audit trail of every permission change.

The Convenient Choice

StrongDM offers convenience without sacrificing security. Because StrongDM integrates seamlessly with every SQL client, BI tool, and command line, there’s no training required. According to Jim Mortko, VP of Engineering, “It’s something that you don’t even know it’s there once it’s installed. It just works.”

Jim Mortko

You don’t even know StrongDM is there once it’s installed. It just works. It’s that simple.

Jim Mortko
VP of Engineering, Hearst

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