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Use Case: Managing Kubernetes Access

Secure and audit access to all your Kubernetes clusters.

Reduce complexity and manage access to Kubernetes from a single control plane

Developers might share credentials to spare themselves the agony of waiting for approval. Their convenient shortcuts introduce serious security risks, such as zombie accounts, that make it impossible to know who did what, when, and where. strongDM provides a practical approach to least privilege that’s easier for both admins and developers.

Simplify Kubernetes access

Enroll new Kubernetes clusters, manage authentication data, and view and modify permissions for all of your users, including contractors and vendors - all from a single interface.

Ensure complete auditability

Capture, record, and replay every Kubernetes command and session.

Easily answer auditors’ questions, investigate security incidents, or identify root cause.

strongDM Admin UI Kubernetes Replays

Streamline cluster administration

Eliminate manual management of context configuration for each cluster.

Run a single command to update your config and access all the clusters you need through strongDM using your well-known kubectl commands.

Streamline Kubernetes cluster administration

Strengthen security with better certificate management

Tracking and updating lost or expired certificates can be tedious and exposes you to unnecessary risks.

Simplify rotation and manage certificates through strongDM’s Admin UI.

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Just like AWS for compute power, and Kubernetes for container orchestration, strongDM is the gold standard for access and auditing. Developers won’t tolerate tools that slow them down or force them to use substandard workflows. strongDM is the only security product that actually makes their lives easier.

Drew Blas
Drew Blas
Director of Internal Engineering, Betterment

One platform. No BS.

StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
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