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DevSecOps Conference Highlights | Speakers from Splunk, Betterment, Fair, ASICS

DevSecOps Conference | Splunk, Betterment, Fair, ASICSDevSecOps Conference | Splunk, Betterment, Fair, ASICS

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DevSecOps: The Core Curriculum Opening Remarks

By Schuyler Brown August 25, 2019

DevSecOps: The Core Curriculum -- opening remarks My brother like 15 years ago asked me what song I would come up to if…

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Why ASICS Digital Builds 12-Factor Apps with a Focus on Infrastructure

By Schuyler Brown August 1, 2019

How ASICS Digital Created a Culture of You Build it, You Run it John Noss is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at ASICS…

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How Hearst Eliminates DevOps Complexity — An Architecture Review

By strongDM July 31, 2019

Hearst Eliminates DevOps Complexity with Automation Jim Mortko is responsible for leading all Internet-based engineering and digital production efforts, along with ecommerce and…

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Server Access – Automate the Boring Stuff

By Schuyler Brown July 30, 2019 Conference

Chris Becker, SRE, Betterment Chris Becker is an SRE at Betterment. Previously, he did similar work on Warby Parker's Infrastructure team. At Betterment,…

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