Keycloak is an identity and access management tool designed for modern applications and services. It provides an SSO solution, allowing users to access different apps with a single log-in. By integrating with IAMs such as Keycloak, strongDM makes it easy for teams to connect to all of their important systems from a single platform.
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strongDM works with Keycloak (and everything else) to make your infrastructure a cinch to access, manage, and audit.

Manage access.

Drag-and-drop easy. Instant onboarding, instant termination. No passwords, SSH keys, or IP addresses necessary.

Connect everything.

Works out of the box with all your databases, servers, clusters, containers, clouds, intranets, websites, and tools.

Works everywhere.

Works across all data centers – cloud and otherwise. HA, load balancing, mesh. Out of the box seamless networking.

Ultimate visibility.

Automate evidence collection. Instant auditing. See what your people are doing in real-time, or play back in video format.

Learn more about Keycloak and strongDM

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Keycloak Connections

Connect Keycloak & AWS Secrets Manager
Connect Keycloak & GCP Secret Manager
Connect Keycloak & Hashicorp Vault
Connect Keycloak & Terraform
SSO Access Control
Connect your first server or database in 5 minutes. No kidding.