The best way to secure access

One platform to manage access to any database, server, k8s & web app

Identify, protect, defend and respond with strongDM



Conveniently manage access based on identity

  • Extend your SSO to manage access to databases, servers & Kubernetes
  • Define role based access controls instead of ports & IP addresses
  • Audit every permission change


Make it easy for DevOps to enforce security policies

  • Eliminate manual work to maintain database credentials, ssh keys separately
  • Streamline process to request/receive access via chatops
  • Automate temporary access for on-call teams
  • Reduce blast radius by never distributing credentials or keys to staff


Faster incident investigation with all the evidence you need in one place

  • Improve coverage with support for every database and server type
  • Enhance logs with forensic details of every query, ssh, RDP & kubectl command
  • Seamlessly send logs to any SIEM or log aggregator


Instantly revoke access through your SSO

  • Sever connections instantly
  • Rotate credentials and keys in the background
  • Immutable logs provide confidence to assess the blast radius
  • Human read-able logs answer exactly what users did, not just byte count or session length
  • Don’t revoke access at perimeter, revoke users’ specific database and server access