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Eliminate the reason why
teams share credentials.

Make it so easy to request & receive least privilege access that developers don’t bother sharing credentials.
Developers might share credentials

Developers might share credentials to spare themselves the agony of waiting for approval. Their convenient shortcuts introduce serious security risks, such as zombie accounts, that make it impossible to know who did what, when, and where. StrongDM provides a practical approach to least privilege that’s easier for both admins and developers.

Leverage your identity provider to simplify workflows.

Extend any identity provider to manage access to databases, servers, Kubernetes clusters, and clouds.

Creates a single source of truth that is easier to manage and implements security best practices like role-based access control and least privilege

strongDM supports Auth0
strongDM supports Okta
strongDM supports Azure Active Directory
strongDM supports OneLogin
strongDM supports LDAP
strongDM supports ADFS
strongDM supports DUO
strongDM supports G Suite SSO
strongDM supports OpenID Connect
strongDM supports Open LDAP
strongDM supports Keycloak

Enhance your security posture with least privilege access.

Standardize on least privilege access so you don’t over-permission someone for a specific resource.

Enforce Zero Trust security by default.

Ensure compliance readiness.

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail so you’re prepared if the auditors come calling.
Log every permission request, approval, and revocation.
Log every query and command to answer who did what, where, and when.
Speed up evidence collection with a single, centralized log that covers your entire stack.


What I really needed was the audit trail. For us, it was the most important thing to have. For security analysis, for SOC 2, and for HIPAA compliance, we need to be aware of all the operations that happen inside an environment.”

Jean-Philippe Lachance
Jean-Philippe Lachance
Team Lead - R&D Security Defence, Coveo

One platform. No BS.

StrongDM app UI showing available infrastructure resources
Connect your first server or database in 5 minutes. No kidding.