Use Case: Managing Permissions

Automate access grants when provisioning infrastructure.

Make least privilege by default a reality.
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Managing permissions to resources usually requires technical steps like provisioning credentials, keys, and certificates. strongDM eliminates those steps by employing more automation in its workflows. Simply create a user in your identity provider and they automatically inherit least privilege access to the systems they need.

Give DevOps time back.

Reduce administrative burden in managing access to resources with more automated workflows.

Eliminate all the tedious technical steps required to onboard new technical staff members. No more scripts to maintain or keys to provision.

Easily adjust permissions if an employee switches roles or gets assigned to a new project.

screen recording of accessbot in slack

Enhance your security posture and compliance readiness.

Minimize the risk of data exposure or data loss by enforcing least privilege access by default, based on roles, attributes, and just-in-time approvals.

Centralize all log collections (query logs, web logs, activity logs) into one place to speed up audit response times.

Create a single source of truth to find out who has access to what without digging into each database, server, Kubernetes cluster or web app.

Gain more visibility so you can respond to audits faster for SOC 2, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, and more.

From a compliance point of view, I have no users in my data layer.  It’s a phenomenal security posture. I can go with my head high to any healthcare organization in America and tell them the data layer security is on par with, and above, most regulatory requirements.”

Vivek Desai

VP of Cloud Infrastructure, Olive

Simplify IT administration.

Eliminate the need to manage multiple point solutions such as VPNs, bastion hosts, and secret stores.

One platform. No BS.

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